Solhøi was started in 2016 by cider maker, home brewer and artist, Martin Bech-Ravn making naturally wild-fermented ciders, from the best Norwegian apples. The production method is based on traditional Champagne production, with long and cold fermentation, natural carbonation in a bottle + disgorging. The whole process is done by hand. Nothing is added, or taken from, leaving a natural product consisting of 100% fruit. The philosophy behind Solhøi is to work with nature, not against it. At Solhøi it is about getting the best possible ingredients and guiding them in the best possible direction. The rest is arranged by nature itself, on its own terms.

Cider produced from Nordic apples is very different from the classic French or English. The apples have a completely different structure. Solhøi cider on Norwegian apples is very elegant and acid-driven with fine apple tones, which can make you think of dry sparkling wine.

Solhøi is sold throughout Norway at the wine monopoly, restaurants and bars, a number of which we have collaborated with to make restaurant specific cider, often including other fruit, berries or flowers in the process to match the restaurant profile.

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